Product Information

Product Construction:

Warranty Information

Arizona Cabinet Door Store will warranty products for a period of 3 years against the following manufacturer's defects: de-lamination, yellowing, cracking, and fading. Arizona Cabinet Door Store will replace any door with a manufactures defect. Any product defects found to be the result of harsh treatment, water damage, solvents, high heat, or left in direct sunlight will void the warranty.

Product Care

All products should not be left out in direct sunlight. Thermofoil products are interior products only. Products can be cleaned with soapy water. Exposure to harsh solvents can damage the finish.

Ordering Information

Please refer to our "Order Form" on this website and please refer to the "How to order: Step by Step below.

How To Order

If using a different order form please include width, height, quantity, door style, edge style, and color. Be sure to include your contact information and submit all orders to Arizona Cabinet Door Store